What Would It Be Like by McArthur Krishna

What Would It Be Like?

Follow one young girl on her adventure to the library where she learns about an array of real-life women who made history with their bold ambitions – finding out that girls can do anything!

Would you like to sail the seas as a pirate like Jacquotte Delahaye? Swing, flip and sparkle as a trapeze artist like Antoinette Concello? Work toward making the world a better place as the president of a country, or touch one special life as a mother? Readers will learn about amazing women who followed their dreams and believed anything was possible, while also learning that often the best thing to be is yourself!

Author: McArthur Krishna
Price: $17.99
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 34
ISBN: 9780692587218
Released: July 5th, 2016
Distribution and Sales: Midpoint Trade Books
Publicity: Anna Gamel

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