McArthur Krishna has written for Amberjack Publishing under the name Auntie M. In 2015, her books Mana’kai Dreams of Hawai’i and Talon Wrestles an Anaconda launched the Little Adventures imprint. They introduce you to adventure, new ideas and friends from all kinds of life. Coming in July 2016, What Would It Be Like? introduces girls to the bold ambitions of famous and daring women from around the globe.

McArthur has always been a shape-shifter. She’s been a business-woman, river guide, window-washer, waitress, Forest Service archaeologist technician assistant, graduate student, backpacker, daughter, sister, vixen, traveler and some day, hope-to-be true companion. She has a good story to tell from all of these adventures. While she grew up in dancin’ wild and wonderful West Virginia, Auntie M now lives in rural and riotous India on a wild adventure. She vowed to never be bored in her life!

“Now, I write to shift the shape of the world. I hope the stories that bloom from the bliss ride of life are as delightful to read as they have been to create.”

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