Little Adventures

An imprint of Amberjack Publishing, Little Adventures is a new series of children’s books that tell the stories of our world and our lives. With a focus on learning, exploration, and diversity, Little Adventures will help kids discover new places, people, and ideas in other parts of the world, but also in their own backyard! Learning about other cultures teaches children that being different is something to be celebrated! By instilling a love of reading and learning in children at a young age, you’ll help foster a lifetime of exploration and discovery.

Little Adventures books work to tell stories exactly as the world is – filled with diversity. By reflecting our diverse planet, Little Adventures will open children’s eyes to all the wonderful people and places in our world. We hope that you decide to give Little Adventures a chance to change the way your child sees the world around them!

For sales and distribution, please contact Midpoint Trade Books.

If you’d like to query a manuscript for the series, you can do so at https://amberjackpublishing.com/book-submissions/.

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